10 Tips to Get Traffic From Forums to Your Blog.

Forum is a great platform to get acquainted to large community. You can get traffic from forums to your blog. Certainly this is a great way of getting visitors to your site. People discuss about various topics here. You can also share your news and views there.


But the important thing is that you need to provide proper information of any queries. People always look for the actual news and information. Today we would discuss about 10 tips to get traffic from forums to your blog.

1. Username

It is very important to choose a perfect username. This is your visible identity of any forums. So you have to be careful to choose a username. Before choosing you need to think what will be the topics of your discussion. It is better to use a username related to your blog name. One the other hand you can use your own name. But it is not as fruitful as blog related name. This will support you to pick up traffic to your blog.

2. Signature

Signature plays the vital role to get traffic to your site. This is the most important part for you to get visitors from forum. Basically signature is a link just like anchor text. Here you’ll be able to leave the link of your blog through some texts. Your blog topics can be anything. If your blog related to php you should put a signature name related to php in any php forums. The signature will be available below to your forum post. So name your signature according to the topics of your blogs to get traffic from forums.

3. Profile Creating

Profile Creating is also very important. When a member of any forum clicks on your user name, it will appear before him. After seeing your profile he would know about yourself. So here you have an opportunity to express yourself properly. Suppose you are in bike forums. Here you need to make your profile adding bike related information. It will attract others to you to know something more from you. To get traffic from forums to your blog it can be nice idea. 

Moreover you should add some others hobby or skill to attract them. Lastly you can type a greetings message and invite them to contact to you. Another important thing is your avatar. You can add a simple colorful photo of yours. It is better not to add animations or something like that. Moreover you can add a photo related to the topics of your blog.

4. Provide Actual Information

You should provide the proper answer of any queries of the forums. You may think how I can know the answer of the queries. We would say you can visit some others forums related to that niche, you’ll find a lot of answer than your expectations. Make your answer unique by collecting information from there. Certainly it is a helpful way of getting traffic to your blog from online forums.

5. Careful of Spamming

You should be careful during the time of posting a comment. You never provide a link of your site at the very first two three posts. You need to be patient. We can learn about it from ours daily life. It never seems well if you provide a visiting card of your company to anyone whom you met for the first time. You should take time to know about him. Than you can do that. The case is similar right here. You must not put a link in the arrival post or first two or three posts. If you do so it will be considered as spam.

6. Post Regularly

Maintain the regularity is very necessary. If you leave a post in a week than keep yourself abreast from posting it would never bring a fruitful result for you. You would not be able to get traffic from forums to your blog. You need to make this forum posting a habit. Always you’ll feel the importance of forum posting if you want to do blogging.

7. Threads

You can start new threads for getting more readers to your post. Always the readers read the first post more than others. So you need to put your post here. Moreover you can ask any questions to the members or asking to know the opinions of them about any popular topics. It would help you to increase the communication to others.

8. Choose Perfect Forums

You need to choose a perfect forum related to the topics of your blog. If you go to a forum not relevant to your topics, you would not find any fruitful result. You have to check some other things before joining a forum. Some forums doesn’t allow signature. If you can’t put your signature you’ll not be benefited. It would not be achievable to get traffic. So avoid these types of forums.

9. Be Active

To get more traffic you need to be more active. It'll help you to pick up more visitors. Here you need to post the newest information related to the topics. Try to be the first to post something new and exciting. If you can do so, you’ll get traffic from forums to your site.


Leave comments regularly to others post. It is great way of being acquainted with others. You can read some existing comments before making your comments. Don’t try to praise always. The comments more realistic are considered as important. If you can do these you will be able to get traffic from forums to your site.


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