20 Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips

 The significance of SEO is beyond description. To promote your website you need to do SEO jobs. To induce business to your point, you have to do SEO. So the significance of SEO is beyond description. There are lots of ways of SEO. You need to apply utmost effective ways of SEO to get a fruitful result. Moment we'd like to partake some effective and helpful SEO tips. 


We'd partake the ways of SEO which are really effective to promote websites. These tips have been gathered from the suggestion of some experts in SEO grounded on the practical result. Clearly these SEO tips will be helpful for you. Musketeers, we're going to partake 20 stylish SEO tips. So lets have a look to those tips and apply those for your spots. 


20 Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips

1. Effective Keywords

You’ll get lots of keywords for any kind of contents. If you use keywords, for which visitors are not looking for, you’ll not be benefitted. So all the time you have used to do this would be considered as waste of time. So to generate traffic to your site you need to use effective keywords.

There are lots of helpful resources to help you for performing SEO jobs. All you need to search for these SEO tools. You can get SEO software & SEO tools to complete the job. You can easily finish your work by using this SEO tools. You need to use this tools or software properly. Before using this tool you need to set appropriate categories and other related issues.

Moreover, you can use google adwords to find out effective keywords. Here you can get keywords which have a great demand. You can use long tail keywords to get more effective results.  If you can find out best keywords for your site, you’ll get a fruitful result.

2. Unique Content

It is very important to use unique content. If you use unique content, it would be SEO friendly & it will generate lots of traffic to your site. Certainly this is a great one for us. Moreover it will help you to generate the PR of your site. Always try to write more and more shareable contents. Now we are going to discuss the specifications and beneficiations of unique content. The benefit of using unique contents is huge. So always you have to use unique content.

3. Importance of Title and Meta Tags

Title and Meta tags play vital role to generate visitors to your site. So your title and Meta tags should be SEO optimized. Metatags will help you a lot to generate traffic to your site. But according to the new policy of Google you won’t be able to get a good PR for your site.
How to Optimize homepage title

It is very important to optimize homepage title. You may have seen lots of homepage title contains a long sentence. On the other hand there are lots of short homepage titles. But your title should not be too long or too short. It is better to make 66 words homepage title.
How to Optimize Meta Tags

You need to use relevant keywords for this. Before choosing keywords you can use your sense. It would be worth enough to help you. If you have any ecommerce spots and your post is grounded on products you can use your product names as the meta keywords. Like washing machines, electronics, mobiles and so on. Hopefull this SEO tips will help you a lot.

4. Create SEO optimized Headings and Subheadings

To get a fruitful result you need use SEO optimized headings and subheadings. To generate traffic to your site it will be helpful for you. You may know the rules of writing any composition of any school. The students write this according to the rules of Modern Language. The story is same here too. You need to optimize your heading and subheading according to the new guidelines  of SEO.

The significance of SEO optimized headings and subheading is beyond description. You need to use at least a h1 heading in your post. Moreover, you have option to use (h1-h6) headings for your site. You can use a piece of CSS codes. Lets have a look to the CSS code.

<style type=”text/css”>

H1 = font-size: 18px;

H2 = font size: 16px;

H3 = font size: 14px;


You can use the above mentioned codes. But don’t use this everywhere. Than it would look like silly thing. Hope this SEO tips will be helpful for you.

5. Follow the Competitors activities

It is very important to follow others competitors activities. It will be helpful for you to find out your own position. You can check other sites. You can check the numbers of incoming links to their sites. It would be very helpful for you. If you do this you’ll get a good idea about your competitors. We would like to share some important things which you should check.

(i) Numbers of active incoming links

(ii) PR of the competitors sites

(iii) Keywords used in the title of that page

(iv) PR of incoming link pages

6. Proper Indexing

It is very important part of SEO. You need to index files properly to allow search engines to crawl your site. First of all we would say about uploading robots.txt file. You need to upload this file for indexing all of your posts instantly.

How to optimize robots.txt files?

You’ll get robots.txt file in the root of your website. First of all you need to open a notepad. Here you would type “User-agent”. Then save it as robots.txt. Your next work is to upload the robots.txt files to your domain. If you can do the entire thing properly search engines will be able to crawl your sites easily.


7. Submit Sitmaps

You need to submit sitemap to different search engines. It will be helpful for you to crawl your website. There are two types of sitemaps. First one is static sitemaps and the second one is static sitemap. You need to submit these two types of sitemaps to get a fruitful result.
Submitting xml sitemaps

Sitemap plays a vital role to allow search engines to crawl your website properly. It would be a nice one. To create a xml sitemap you need to go to Google web master tools. Then you need to add to your site to the webmaster tool by clicking “ADD A SITE” to the upper right corner of the page. Then it will provide you a html verification file. You need to download this file and save this to your harddrive. Then upload the file to your website server domain. In the next step you need to come back to the webmaster site. After coming you need to click in the third link to confirm that the html law has been added to the proper point. Then click “verify” below.

Then again go to Google webmaster tools page. Now click on the “Submit a sitemap”. Then you’ll get a box. Type “sitmap.xml”

8. Check the Links & others

Very often we face difficulties to search anything. It is really very important to check the link of your website. These links helps us a lot to improve the PR of our site. Search engines pay high values to those sites. So we need to check the internal links. Moreover, we need to analyze the html and css code.

However first of all we would like to say that repair the dead link of your site. To repair this link there are lots of software available in the net. You can use these softwares. I would like to share software named “Xenu’s Link Sleuth”. You can “ get Xenu’s Link Sleut” from then. It will help you to repair the dead link. Moreover there are some tools to analyze html and css code. You can use these tools to analyze the html and css code of your site.

9. Use Keyword for different files name

To generate more traffic to your site you can use your keywords as image name, video names or others. Suppose your keyword is “insurance”. You can save your image as insurance 01, insurance 02 etc. You will use this name when you use the image for your web page. It'll help you to induce lots of business. Especially, you can get visitors from Google images.

Another important thing is the file name of your web pages. At present it works very fine to generate traffic to your site. Because, the search engines has changed its policy. So visitors can search now using “inurl”. Searchengines now show the results of this query. So you can get visitors from here.

So always try to use keywords for this type of contents. Certainly you’ll be benefitted if you can do this properly. Hopefully this SEO tips will be helpful for you.
10. Take the Advantages of Title & Altr to generate traffic

Title plays a vital role to generate visitors to your site. The title is displayed in search engines results with a little description. So the visitors can know where they will be redirected if they click on this link. So the importance of proper title is beyond description.

Another important thing is to use Altr option for images. You need to use a name relevant to your keyword for your images. It will generate traffic for your site. This is really a cool job. Hopefully this SEO tips will be helpful for you. We’ll be happy if these 20 best SEO tips works nicely for you.

11. Keyword Research

You need to do keyword research. It is an important part of SEO too. First of all you can find out the most effective keywords. Moreover you need to sort out less important keywords. Compare your keywords with the other competitor’s keyword. Then find out the most effective and helpful keywords. I hope this SEO tips will work nicely.

12. Proper utilization of Meta Tag and Keywords

You need to ensure the proper use of Meta tags and keywords. You would use keywords for Met tags. Don’t use lots of keywords. You can use 7-8 keywords for Met tags. It's veritably important to use targeted keywords. It will ensure lots of traffic to your site. I’ll be happy if these best 20 SEO tips will work nicely for you.

13. Link Building

Link building is an important part of SEO. The significance of link structure is beyond description to get high PR to your point. Moreover you’ll be able to generate lots of visitors to your site by doing this link building job. An important thing is that you need to create backlinks to your site to some high PR sites. Hopefully you’ll get this SEO tips helpful.

14. Forum Posting

To induce lots of business to your point forum posting plays a vital part. Forum is a place where lots of people gather to share their questions, answers, comments and so on. You need to participate to forum. You have to be an active member of forum. Some forum will not allow posting your link at the first time. So after passing a certain time you’ll be able to post backlinks of your site. This is a expert SEO tips for all.

15. Bookmarking

Another important SEO tips for you nothing but bookmarking. It is very important to get visitors to your site. If you can bookmark your new posts to some high PR websites, you’ll be able to inform the web world about your posts. Certainly you’ll get lots of visitors for this. You can bookmark to some renowned sites like digg, delicious and so on.

16. Article Submission or Guest writing

You can submit articles to different article directories. Clearly it'll induce lots of traffic for you.  All you need to write article and submit to some high PR article directories. It is a great way of generating visitors. Moreover you can write to different high PR blog as a guest writer. It’ll also generate visitors to your site.

17. Internal Links

Create as much internal links as you can. It would be helpful for you. The more internal links you create more facilities you get for the page. So try to make link with other pages. It would be a nice one really. Hopefully this SEO tips will work for you.

18. Create Profile to Social Networking Sites

It is effective way of SEO to crate profile in social networking sites. Moreover you can share your post to different social networking sites like facebook, twitter and so on. It would be a master one for you. Moreover you can create fan page of your website in these sites. It would be helpful for you to get visitors to your site. I think this SEO tips will work for your site.

19. Press Release

Press Release is an effective way of SEO. It is very helpful to make a connection to the media. Through this process your site can get local media coverage. If you can do the press release job properly, you can see how much effective way this is for SEO. Hopefully it would be a helpful SEO tips for you.

20. RSS Feed Submission

It is another effective way of SEO to generate traffic to your site. All you need to create RSS feed and submit this to the blogosphere. Still, you can do this fluently, If you have a wordpress site.

We’ll be glad if these best 20 SEO tips work nicely for your site. Hopefully you’ll be benefitted, if you implemented this SEO tips. Wish you all the best.


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