5 Best Ways to Speed Up Your PC - Computer Tips

 5 Best Ways to Speed Up Your PC

Today I got a call from one of my friend and he said that his computer has become very slow. He asked me how he can Speed Up his PC. I gave him some tips and his computer speed increase tremendously. Then I thought that other people may also be facing this Problem. So today I am sharing those easy tips with you so that you can also accelerate your Computer Speed.

5 Best Ways to Speed Up Your PC - Computer Tips

1. Uninstall unnecessary software

We all know that Computer uses lots of resources, not only the hard drive and CPU but also the memory. There are lots of extra software we install on our PCs. Those are usually programs that we don't really need. We mostly download these programs for free. But they consume a lot of CPU power. So remove them from your computer. They will slow down the PC.

Clean up the internet history

Many of us spend most of our time on Internet surfing and that's a very big waste of time. So cleaning out the internet history is very good for you.

Get rid of unnecessary junk files

Many times we might install a lot of programs, apps, etc. that we don't even need. And we don't always keep them up to date. So keeping those on our computers are slowing down the PC.

2.Check for spyware and viruses

Try out different options to see if spyware, trojans, or any other viruses are on your computer. If you find any, you need to get rid of them before they affect your computer. This is because spyware steal your sensitive information from your computer. You can try uninstalling spyware using Spybot Search and Destroy. This software scans your computer and removes all traces of spyware from your system.


Don't Wait to Update the Operating System Are you waiting for the update of your operating system? Well, don't wait for too long because you need to download the latest updates of your operating system or else your computer will become slow. Sometimes, your system may be slow because your operating system is getting old and it needs to be updated to keep your computer updated.


3.Use Disc Cleanup Wizard to Clean your Computer of Unnecessary Files

After installing or even uninstalling softwares, your computer is full of junk files like logs, history of other files. These things too can slow your computer considerably. But don’t worry, Windows has a good tools which can clean all these junk files easily, which can help you Speed up your Computer. This amazing tool is the Disk Cleanup.

To start the disk cleanup wizard, Just go to Start>Run(For Windows XP) or Start(For Windows 7) and start the process cleanmgr.exe and follow the instructions which appear on the screen. 

Add more RAM to your PC

Adding more RAM to your computer is one of the best tips to speed up. Not all PC have a free slot for RAM so it's better to upgrade your PC’s RAM. By adding more RAM to your PC, your computer will be able to perform faster and handle more applications and files.

Swap out old RAM and replace with new

So many people think that swapping out RAM is not an option for their PCs but that is totally wrong. If you have one of those old RAM modules, you can replace that with new one to increase your speed drastically.

Install a better CPU/GPU

You can definitely use a CPU with better clock speed or GPU with faster clock speed for some time and then you will see that your PC performs even faster.

Use Disk Cleanup and defragmentation

You can perform Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation to make your PC faster and speed it up. Just make sure to use a solid drive and avoid using solid state drive. Make sure to clear the idle time and free space by using a proper system to clean up your PC.


Add User mode File Eraser

This amazing Windows program is used to remove unnecessary files, folders and processes from your PC. Make sure to check this product for free instead of spending your hard-earned money.


Make a Bootable USB stick and install Windows 10

What would you say if you could just use a new computer without having to start it up? You can easily do this with a simple bootable USB stick. Just connect the USB stick to your computer and click on Windows Key +R.


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