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How to Protect your Android phone?

If you are really worried about malware, you should see your phone and a security suite. In Google Play Store “security ” as a search desktop security software companies such as McAfee and Norton for some a couple thousand, produces. AV-Test (an independent antivirus testing center) features and their ability to catch malware that uses as much Trust. Go mobile lookout mobile security or safety, or recommend downloading.

Avoid downloading apps from the unknown source

There is a scam going around Google Play Store now and we know exactly why: it's because of the high demand of malware. Basically, most of the applications in Google Play Store are not completely free. Users need to click on “yes” when they are asked to agree to “check out” this kind of apps before installing. We recommend not doing it unless you are sure it's not malware.

Run a Security Check

For several reasons, the safest way to install apps on your Android phone is to download them through official channels. Avoid sites or applications that are not linked to Google Play Store, as the chances are they are more likely to infect your phone with malware.

Prevent installation of apps from unknown sources

This is more complicated. Enable two-factor authentication for all important accounts

Two-factor authentication is basically there to confirm your identity in place of your username and password, as many consider them, when you are logging on, because this method is considered most secure.

The application Pass Kick can help you with your mobile security on iOS, including the use of your bank account online.

Set your phone to never download or install any apps without your approval

We know that one of the biggest scourge of Android is the malware that can infect your Android phone. You should take advantage of the built-in Android security software Google has to help you protect your phone from all kinds of malware. You have to understand that if you don’t do anything, your phone is very susceptible to cyber attacks. Check here 


Android Malware to Avoid

To be on the safe side, avoid installing any apps that don’t have Google Play Protect or protection system by default in your smartphone.


Avoid creating an account in WhatsApp, Telegram or iMessage (as an example) as they offer encryption service that protects your messages from unauthorised access. This may be true if you are comfortable with this kind of software.


Never open any attachments or links from unknown sources

Look out for unusual messages or calls Back up your important data and photos on your device. If you have been infected by malware, you should stay away from junk sites and try to stay away from online games, including Steam and Sky Arena where some people are infected.


Again, if you have been infected by malware, you should make sure that you remove the program completely and update your security system.


Some additional mobile security tips:

Inject static code buffer into the Android application executable if there are certain apps you don’t like. Your data can be restored. (if you’re in bad mood, you could give an example where your bank would help you to remove the app)

put malware detection into Android . Android is now made by Google to prevent these kinds of malicious apps.


Android App Permissions

Use your first line of defense against malicious software, there are permissions. Every time you install an application, you can use all the features on your phone that is designed to access a pop-up lists to see that. Most people mindlessly pop-up discount and the installation will continue, and that sometimes you download flashlight application, for example, you have to spend money, or the Facebook app on your entire phone prompts you to know that the service uses to determine which of the drives.

Ancient and difficult to read the permissions of the application, but the new versions of Android to be a little easier to understand them. You can learn more about it, you can tap to download the applications to each make good decisions. Unfortunately, it permits you to choose which, if an application needs to access something, you have to accept all of its demands, or could not find any other application.

Android security suite Lock your phone

As the obvious, but lock your phone with a PIN or putting the system may be one of the easiest ways to protect your device. Out of your text messages so nosy friends and keep your phone clean and thieves, it is difficult to resell. 


You can go to Settings and Security & screen lock option means you can set up your phone with a screen lock. And snoops attack you again in the top of the screen to enter your system through the study of the lines can crack locks in mind that, as a PIN so you can against the skin oil, you have it to go to the worried about.

You turn on your phone, using it to lose the convenience of being able to get right, but the increased value of the additional hassle. 


Google Play Install a security suite

Warnings are often beyond a security application that provides you the functions of the infection of malicious applications. Most mobile security suites offer ways to backup your phone from a missing feature most Android and some security tools, to locate the lock, and wipe your device remotely can be pilfered from your pocket. Installing a security package on your phone does not sound like a glamorous job, but once you have set it, you have a system in place in case something goes wrong, the rest knowing that can easily.


Hackers are always on the lookout for new techniques and hacking technologies to get personal data. You can protect yourself by taking preventative steps such as installing a mobile security system on your phone.


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